Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Signs of Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a happy moment awaited by all partners, especially for newly married couples. Therefore, knowing the early signs of pregnancy is very important to you. Because if you know the characteristic early sign of pregnancy or pregnant women, you can be more careful in keep your health.

There are many ways to find early signs of pregnancy. And the husband should be more responsive to early symptoms of pregnancy. Because the husband must keep his pregnant wife with more caution.

Pregnancy can only be definitively diagnosed by a doctor. Nevertheless, there are some physical characteristics in women which is a sign that she is pregnant. Let's see one by one the signs of early pregnancy a woman.

1. No longer getting your period or periods in the current month
Therefore, the first day of menstruation every month come to be known in order to gestational age and estimated time of childbirth can be known. However, keep in the know that menstruation is not the right time can also be caused by other things.

2. Nausea and vomiting
Nausea and vomiting occur because of hormonal changes in the body. This phenomenon is referred to as "morning sickness" because of nausea and vomiting usually occurs in the morning in the first months of pregnancy.

3. Frequent urination
The enlarged uterus makes bladder pressure causes increased desire to urinate. This complaints urinate will usually be reduced after 12 weeks of gestation and comes back after entering the 28 weeks of gestation.

4. Crave
In the first month of pregnancy, pregnant women usually want certain foods. This happened in the first months of pregnancy.

5. Flatulence
Hormonal changes during early pregnancy can cause your stomach feels bloated, just like when we would get a period.

6. The more sensitive to odors
At the beginning of pregnancy, women usually become very sensitive to smells. Sometimes the smell of coffee or a certain cooking smells can make stomach queasy and want to vomit. This is probably caused by increased levels of the hormone estrogen in the body.

7. Tired
Feeling tired and fatigued throughout the day. Not yet known exactly what causes it, but the possibility of drowsiness is due to increased levels of the hormone progesterone.

In the second trimester, usually the body is more energetic again, though usually this tiredness will come again at the end of pregnancy, this is because the body burden is quite heavy and discomfort caused by pregnancy so often can not sleep comfortably at night .

Signs and other features that commonly arise in pregnant women is the breast enlargement, breast nipples enlarged and dark sometimes feels very itchy and sore.

Every woman has a pregnancy signs vary and usually differ from each other. There are heavy and some are even not have any complaints at all. When the physicalsigns of pregnancy has not been seen, then you should do another test.

The most often used is the doctor for a pregnancy test by urine tests. Urine pregnancy test you can do this yourself by purchasing test equipment at dispensaries and test your urine at home.

Urine pregnancy test is done by measuring the levels of HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin). HGC is a hormone produced by the placenta and the amount will increase in the urine and blood during the first week after conception.

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