Tuesday, November 1, 2011

How to Face First Pregnancy

Congratulations Yes, what you been waiting for since the wedding finally arrived. Yes, now you have tested positive for pregnancy and 9 months ahead you will gain many new experiences during your first pregnancy.

Happy, relieved, grateful and of course the feeling of worry. So roughly that you will feel when experiencing your first pregnancy. Surely you are not alone, almost all expectant mothers are also experiencing the same feelings. Glad mixed with feelings of worry.

But never mind, it is reasonable really. Since the first pregnancy experience had never felt so of course there will be many questions: why is this? is this normal? whether it should or not?

So that you can go through periods of your first pregnancy with a feeling of optimism, here are three tips on how to face your first pregnancy.

1. Communication
Discuss all things related to your first pregnancy with those closest: husband, parents, friends and obstetricians.

Due to the uncontrolled influence of hormones, emotions of a pregnant woman usually becomes irregular. You may be irritable or crying for no reason.

Share your feelings with your family so they can better understand and keep your feelings. Remember you know, a sense of sadness that will continue to impact on the mental condition of the child later.

2. Information
Usually at first pregnancy, you will be treated as people who do not know anything. So that will be a lot of people who provide feedback or suggestions. That information can be confusing for you, for example: "if pregnant should not eat chili, baby will be cross-eyed". Well you know, what is the connection between chili and squint. Or "so that the baby's skin becomes white, lots of drinking soy milk". Now, if the father of her daughter ya nigger white if her mother can drink soy milk?

But no problem, just accept the advice that you get but do check with other sources, such as a gynecologist to make sure the truth of the info you get.

Also, get as much information as possible through various media so that you are more well informed, for example:
  • Magazines
  • Books
  • Mailing List
  • Internet
For best ebook about pregnant, i recommend you to read Pregnancy Miracle by Lisa Olson. she was pregnant and gave birth to a baby at age 43 yo, and her book pregnancy miracle is her secret how she did it.

3. Suggestion
Well, this is most important in my opinion. Some people get pregnant the "naughty", aka do not have any complaints, but some are all women experience a variety of complaints, ranging from prolonged nausea, headache, lethargy, and various others.

Any bad as conditions during pregnancy or at any convenient your first pregnancy, still face with joy. Say to yourself in the mirror every morning you wake up: "I'm pregnant and I'm happy". Your mind will help you deal with any discomfort during pregnancy.

Do not worry about your body swell and make you lose your confidence, keep in mind that you look more sexy with a belly bulge.

Finally, surrender to God, to anything that would happen.

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